RISE UP Relaunch Lunch #5

RISE UP Relaunch Lunch #5

Are you someone working in the arts or the hospitality industry who is looking for creative ways to collaborate amid the COVID-19 pandemic and plan for future recovery? Are you interested in conversations exploring the live experience economy and how to get audiences out and artists back to work in safe and meaningful ways? Then join us for one of RISE UP’s upcoming Relaunch Lunches!

RISE UP Calgary is a local initiative created to kick start economic recovery for Calgary’s arts sector. It is an open-source campaign that unites arts, hospitality, and tourism partners to develop a comprehensive array of initiatives and plans for relaunch by building the best possible conditions for success for audiences and artists. Together, we will RISE UP and move forward.

As part of our programming, we are planning a series of relaunch lunches to connect industry professionals and give them an opportunity to network, share ideas, and look for ways to collaborate on COVID recovery planning.

RISE UP Relaunch Lunch #5

February 4, 2021, 12:00pm
Register at zoom.us

This next event will be a bit of a deeper dive. Join in on February 4, 2021, and breakout into smaller groups to discuss the previous lunch topics in a more focused way and share ideas on how to move new projects forward.

Participants will be asked to choose one topic at the start of the lunch that they want to participate in and will have the chance to meet with a panelist on that topic and those from the community who have a similar interest.

Topics to choose from are:

  1. Drive In Events with Paul Magnuson
  2. Micro Festivals with Teresa Byrne
  3. Hotels Live Events with Rob Cyrynowski
  4. Streaming with Wil Knoll

We hope you will join us to continue the conversation and work on new ways of collaborating! If you require an ASL interpreter to participate, please contact cherie@birdcreatives.com so we can arrange accordingly.

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