RISE UP Relaunch Lunch #6

RISE UP Relaunch Lunch #6

Check out another one of RISE UP Calgary’s Relaunch Lunches!

Are you someone working in the arts or the hospitality industry who is looking for creative ways to collaborate amid the COVID-19 pandemic and plan for future recovery? Are you interested in conversations exploring the live experience economy and how to get audiences out and artists back to work in safe and meaningful ways?

RISE UP Calgary is a local initiative created to kick start economic recovery for Calgary’s arts sector. It is an open-source campaign that unites arts, hospitality, and tourism partners to develop a comprehensive array of initiatives and plans for relaunch by building the best possible conditions for success for audiences and artists. Together, we will RISE UP and move forward.

As part of its programming, it is hosting a series of relaunch lunches to connect industry professionals and give them an opportunity to network, share ideas, and look for ways to collaborate on COVID recovery planning.

RISE UP Relaunch Lunch #6

March 4, 2021, 12:00pm
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The next event features a discussion around hotel spaces and how artists and hoteliers can work together to activate these spaces. What are some spaces that are available? How can we use these spaces in unique, creative ways? What has already been accomplished in hotels, and what is planned for the future? What should artists be thinking about when approaching work in uncommon spaces? What do artists and hotels need from each other in order to collaborate?

Share your own ideas and stories and learn more from your colleagues in the arts and hospitality sectors.

Our panelists include Mark Hopkins, Artistic Director for Swallow A Bicycle Theatre, Brad McCarty, Group Sales Manager for Hotel Arts, Alisha Reynolds, Vice President at Sandman Hotel Group, and Sol Zia, Executive Director of the Calgary Hotel Association.

This free Zoom-based conversation will be interpreted in American Sign Language (ASL) with a live English transcription available. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to cherie@birdcreatives.com.

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