Measuring the impact of the Future Focus Program

A video still from the case study of BuckingJam Productions and BJP Music Foundation.
A video still from a case study of BuckingJam Productions and BJP Music Foundation. The study is part of a Future Focus Program assessment by BLVE.

Measuring the impact of the Future Focus Program

Phase One report by BLVE

A new research report by BLVE on the Future Focus Program shows the power of funding and humanizes the stories of change in Calgary’s arts and culture ecology.

The Future Focus Program provides funding to arts organizations that are experiencing challenges or exploring key questions in their work. The goal is to support them as they develop new directions for their operations in response to that process.

For example, organizations may be asking themselves questions about their organizational purpose, their role in the arts sector, their continued viability, or how they need to adapt their structure or approach to operate into the future. The program helps them through the process of investigating, identifying, planning and executing significant and strategic adaptations in their operations.

BLVE was engaged by Calgary Arts Development to study and research this program, and provide case studies of select organizations The study found that the leaders of organizations participating in the program are thoughtful, committed and passionate about their work, but that they need continued support and resources to manage change.

“They are working towards long term solutions, concepts that might change their current trajectory and ways of servicing the community in inventive and exciting ways,” the report says. “They are seeking new models for operation, sharing resources, building power, seeking stability, and seeking justification for their programs and projects. They desire to expand access to the arts, preserve effective programming, and build new models of delivering services.”

The study includes case studies for three of the projects selected to receive Future Focus Program funding — BuckingJam Palace, Hispanic Arts Society, and a collaborative of three puppet companies including Calgary Animated Objects Society, Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry and Festival of Animated Objects. Read the report and the case studies here.

The Future Focus Program is a funding collaboration between Calgary Arts Development, the Rozsa Foundation and the Calgary Foundation. The Canada Council for the Arts, has provided additional funds to support the program in 2024.

The deadlines to apply for future program intakes are May 17, August 16, and November 1, 2024. Learn more here.

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