New in a Time of Change

New in a Time of Change

I got a job in the middle of a pandemic

After a long time looking for a job I finally got one… in a pandemic.

People have asked me about my new job: Experiencing a new place, what I am doing in my work, do I have I feel for it yet? I would like to reply, “How can you assess the soup when you are in the middle of it?” I usually say, “I know nothing, I got a job during a pandemic, I do not even know where I sit (I have never been in the office to know where my desk is).”

There is no baseline for this experience—nothing to compare it to.

The thing I do know a bit about, is that in times of uncertainty, you might cope, hide, fight it, or adapt, reflect, and maybe change. For right now I am in the middle of the soup figuring out the flavours.

Here again, I am still figuring out the flavours. The previous paragraph was written before George Floyd. Now the soup is flipped over and spilled on the floor. Currently, I am just taking it one day, one moment at the time.

A photo of Stephanie Solomon

Stephanie Solomon has a masters in development practice (MDP) from Waterloo, and a BA in sociology from the University of Calgary. She joined Calgary Arts Development as the Research and Policy Coordinator in March 2020. Before this she previously worked in Alberta Health Services.

Her interests are in how research, community development, and innovation intersect to create change.

She sees herself as more of a creative dabbler and enjoys food, music, singing, drawing, and innovation.

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