Sharing Your Events

Sharing Your Events

Making sure we have all the important information is key to a good listing

You’ve spent time planning, you’ve got all of the details for your arts event in place, now you just have to get the word out to ensure people attend! Calgary Arts Development’s What’s On In Calgary page is a great place to start, and we’re happy to post your event listing.

Here are some tips on how to provide us with the information that we need in order to provide the public with a concise, informative listing:

Getting us the Information: It’s super easy to get us all the information we need! Just fill out this form or email with a press release and photo.

The Name of Your Event: Whether it’s the name of a band, an art exhibition or festival, you’ll need to let us know what the event is called.

A Link to the Event Webpage: This can also be a Facebook page, but people need to be able to find more info on your event than we can provide. A link to a site or page with all of your event particulars is awesome!

A Brief Description of Your Event: Feel free to provide us with a few paragraphs to explain your event, but please note that we only have space for a couple of lines in our description. We’ll need something to put in this space, so any information on the event that you can provide will be fantastic!

Date and Time of Your Event: You’d be surprised how many people forget to include the event time! It helps us and the event-going masses to know what time to show up, so be sure to include this info.

Ticket Prices: Are you charging for your event? Please let us know the price! If the prices vary, give us the range! Is your event free? Great! Let us know that as well.

Category: What kind of event is it? Theatre? Music? Festival? Don’t leave this up to us—we’ll put it under comedy. (We won’t! I promise!)

Photo: A good photo of the performer or event (band, play, film, etc.) will give the pubic a better idea of what your event is about. I’m a sucker for packaging, and I’m not alone in this. Attract interest with a good visual!

If you have any questions about submitting an event, please feel free to contact me at

Kari Watson is the Database Coordinator for Calgary Arts Development. She spends her days emailing, visiting organizations and artists, and adding listings to Calgary Art Development’s ever-growing online presence—including being on the team that launched SpaceFinder Alberta in 2016.

In her previous life, Kari was the long-standing (and only) Events Listings Editor for Fast Forward Weekly (FFWD), and as such has been involved in the arts community for longer than she would like anyone to know. When not hunting for rentable arts spaces in town, she can be found taking in Calgary’s vibrant arts scene or watching European pro cycling.

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