Marketa Praskova

Marketa is a Calgary-based visual artist. She studied figurative sculpting, free design and art history at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Technology Brno, Czech Republic. After the classical figurative training she research focused on installation and interactive space objects and site-specific landscape installations. She expanded her painting and performance knowledge in Environment Studio Brno and Small Sculpture Studio Zagreb. Her experience combines six years in education and free art for 12 years. Sculpture projects combine minimal art and nature forms inspiration. Objects can be entered and serve as landscape marks.

Her unique multidisciplinary experience brings new views into the play. From restoration of gothic sculptural art works to art education and sport coaching. Marketa is purposeful and enthusiastic to create welcoming a active art environment to provide the best connection between nature, visitors, and visual art.

Working across disciplines leads her to improve communication, administration, and management skills. Marketa is currently studying at SAIT Graphic Design program to enhance visual creativity and combine all art skills.


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