Alliance Française of Calgary

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Alliance Française of Calgary

350, 1721 29th Ave. SW
Calgary, Alberta


Phone: 403.245.5662

Alliance Française of Calgary

The Alliance Française of Calgary is a non-profit organization established in 1947 whose mission is to promote the French language and cultures. We are proudly Albertan and have been actively working towards establishing bridges between cultures in Calgary for over 70 years by offering our public opportunities to experience high-quality French classes and cultural discoveries. Even if our institution initially originated in France (with the likes of Louis Pasteur and Jules Verne) over a century ago, we are now striving to offer Calgarians a view into any Francophone culture, may it be French, Québécois, Franco-Albertan or any other French-speaking part of the world.

We are part of the network of Alliance Françaises which is the largest cultural organization in the world with more than 800 centers around the globe. In Calgary, every year, 1,200 students trust us to help them develop their language skills. We have a team of 15 teachers passionate about language and cultures who are able to make learning French fun and efficient, either for professional purposes or personal reasons.

Our cultural events range from social gatherings like Café-croissant or Vin-fromage, to concerts, art exhibitions, conferences, theme nights… We are open to everyone and our goal is to make French culture accessible to all, learners and speakers of the French language!

Your French journey starts HERE!

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