A photo of picasso style artwork by Asta Dale

Asta Dale

Website: astadale.com

Asta Dale

ASTA is a member of the Alberta Society of Artists and participates in their annual shows. She has been a member of the Red Deer Arts Council since 1993 and has been selected for a solo show entitled ‘Philosophical Thought’ that is scheduled to open in August of 2020.

In 2015 ASTA was invited to become a member of Group9 and has participated in their shows in Calgary and Saskatoon.

ASTA values her intuition in her response to the complex world we live in and her paintings express this gut reaction. The relationships we nurture, our ambitions and the choices we make have an important input into who we are.

Her early influences were Picasso, Kandinsky and Rauschenberg. ASTA recycles, reconstructs and manipulates in her works.

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