Bukhtawar Malik

Website: bukhtawarmalik.com

Phone: 403.988.8606

Bukhtawar Malik

Bukhtawar Malik is an illustrator and designer based in Calgary, with significant professional and educational experiences from NYC. Her artistic practice explores a variety of mediums — from traditional oils and acrylics to digital interactive media. Her work is recognized for its vibrant colours, natural elements, and meticulous details, which collectively underscore the harmonious relationship between technology, art, and nature.

Her art is dedicated to narrating stories through nature and symbolism, aiming to inspire and engage. She is deeply committed to themes of women’s empowerment and raising awareness about health conditions. Each piece in her portfolio, whether it be narrative illustrations, book covers, medical illustrations, portraits, or children’s books, is designed to captivate and provoke thought. Through her work, she strive to encourage viewers to perceive the world with a renewed sense of creativity and innovation.

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