Calgary Fiddlers Association

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Calgary Fiddlers Association

Mission Statement: Using the art of Canadian fiddle music, we motivate, educate, and inspire children to develop musically and socially.

Vision Statement: To develop life skills for our members such as leadership, confidence, discipline, and time management with an appreciation for the Canadian heritage of folk fiddling; all acquired with exposure to local and international performance experiences.

Highlights of our Program Include: Meeting for weekly rehearsals, 56 Bow Valley Fiddler students ages seven to 18 and 16 Calgary Fiddlers students ages 14 to 18 met for 28 weeks to learn various fiddle music genres, in addition to the heritage and cultural activities that accompany the playing of folk fiddle (eg. barn dances).

Bow Valley Fiddlers now runs Fiddle Camp workshop weekends in October and January where students have the opportunity for intensive fiddle education classes, choreography classes, social dancing and team-building activities. In 2016, a Calgary Fiddlers mentorship component was added to the Fiddle Camp so that our older fiddle students can work with and inspire our younger students. This has proven to be an amazing leadership opportunity for our older fiddlers.

The Bow Valley Fiddlers and Calgary Fiddlers enhanced their confidence, musicianship, and performance skills by showcasing their fiddling at over 100 events in and around Calgary, and Alberta.

The Calgary Fiddlers Association continues to develop community initiatives such as Spread Fiddle Music (school programs) as well as performing for seniors wherever and whenever possible. Building links and connections between our young people and the older generation continues to be a primary focus through our Healing Through Music program. This program is interactive with audiences of aging and medically compromised individuals, and also those living in hospices or special needs schools where fiddle music has therapeutic effects on these individuals.

This year (2018/19) we are adding an in-service opportunity for school teachers with the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School System to provide them with a dance curriculum they can use with their students. Then we will be providing an day where they can bring their students out to an afternoon of using their social dance skills they have learned to dance to barn dance fiddle music with our fiddle students.

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