Calgary Performing Arts Festival

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Calgary Performing Arts Festival

201-7003 5 St SE
Calgary, Alberta


Phone: 403.283.6009

Calgary Performing Arts Festival

Since 1931, the Calgary Performing Arts Festival (CPAF), formerly known as the Kiwanis Festival, is an integral part of Calgary’s arts, music, and culture community committed to amateur performers of all ages and skill levels.

CPAF offers invaluable self-development and performing artist growth opportunities through it’s unique three-week adjudicated ‘performing arts’ festival. Areas of interest include a multitude and variety of classical music, music, musical theatre, vocal and/or spoken word.

CPAF is passionately committed to supporting and encouraging amateur performers of all ages and skill levels to rise and shine in the performing arts!

We provide life-changing growth and learning opportunities to amateur performers by world-class adjudicators at an annually held performing arts festival in Calgary, Alberta.

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