Calgary Stetson Show Band

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Calgary Stetson Show Band

The Calgary Stetson Show Band offers musical, colour guard, choreography, and performance training and experience for more than 125 youth in Grades 10 to 12.

Audiences in the millions are delighted each year by their performances across the world. Our membership numbers have continued to increase over the past two years and we have been able to continue offering high quality programming and education in music and dance to our members.

The band performs at more than 30 events each season, and has an annual trip to a regional, national or international location to share their art form.

Vision: To develop self-discipline, self-motivation, leadership skills, and a lifelong appreciation for the values of music and the performance arts for the youth of the Calgary area.

Philosophy: It is the goal of the band that each member develops a lifelong appreciation for the value of music in his/her life and to realize the importance of team work while pursuing excellence. Through rehearsals, the band hopes to instill in band members a strong sense of self-discipline and self-motivation, and an inner drive for excellence that will become apparent in all aspects of life.

From performance opportunities, it is hoped that members will gain self-confidence and the knowledge that there is no obstacle they cannot overcome, if they are willing to work hard and utilize their talent. It is hoped that members will be able to view their band membership as an experience that has had a positive effect on their lives for years to come.

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