Carolyn Jerrard

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Artist Carolyn Jerrard sits in front of some of her artwork

Carolyn Jerrard


Phone: 403.998.7775

Carolyn Jerrard

I am an abstract painter using acrylics, structural mediums and various methods to move and manipulate paint.

Nature is the greatest inspiration for my art; the vivid colors, textures, and extraordinary way elements of nature blend together creating beauty drives me to attempt to capture it on canvas. I aim to bring about abstract works that allow others to see a glimpse of the natural world within the paint. Hence my work has often been described as surreal landscapes. While I do not define myself as a landscape artist, I believe we can become lost in art and I love to bring about paintings through which viewers can imagine a world they could dive into. Art is my way of connecting with creation and expressing my love and passion for it.

My method is very intuitive and often the movement and mixture of the paint dictate what my next steps will be. By allowing this fluidity in my creative process I am open to a greater variation in my outcomes. This is a philosophy I try to let translate into other areas of my life and though I do not always succeed in that, the paintings remind me that life is not always what we necessarily plan it to be. I regularly experiment with colours, textures and mediums.

I began to offer commissioned works which allowed me to explore the personal connections people have with the art they choose to surround themselves with.

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