Carrie Phillips Kieser

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A piece by Carrie Phillips Kieser

Carrie Phillips Kieser


Carrie Phillips Kieser

Carrie Phillips-Kieser works as an artist, teacher, and an arts administrator. She studied fine arts at Mount Allison University in Sackville New Brunswick and art history at University of California Los Angeles.

Primarily a print media artist, her visual output is concerned with place, both internal and external. From the internal landscapes of motherhood to external landscapes of our environments, the vestiges of our mark is left by us and is being left by us is of her main concern.

In her current work, she is searching to understand how organisms (including homo sapiens) not only bend the environment around themselves, to better develop, but that all organisms are simultaneously bending each other for their own betterment, contributing to a shifting, dynamic landscape. These investigations are developed in both two dimensional and three dimensional printed and drawn works.

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