Cassie Holmes


Cassie Holmes

Is theatre an inherently inclusive space? Can EDIA be at the forefront of theatre practices?

These are questions that Cassie Holmes (she/her) explores in her creative practices, creating a space where everyone’s voice is heard. Cassie is a theatre artist, designer, creator and collaborator. She graduated from the University of Victoria, with distinction, in Theatre Production and Management. She recently graduated with her MFA in Design and Technical Theatre at the University of Calgary. Her research primarily focuses on accessibility in live performance and lighting diverse skin tones.

Cassie has pursued disability focused work in and outside of her studies. She worked on World Stage Design as the Accessibility Co-Ordinator, helping host and facilitate international groups. She has also worked with the National accessArts Center as a design consultant, helping artists communicate their designs through a theatrical lens.

Cassie is also an advocate for the queer community. She served on the Graduate Student Association’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance Subcommittee as the Vice-Chair. She was recently on the podcast “Queer in Alberta.” You may have also seen her perform in drag locally as Struggle Bussy (he/him).

As Cassie develops as an artist, she wants to focus on shifting the theatrical lens to a more inclusive atmosphere. She is passionate about uplifting voices and people who are often not in the spotlight. She wants to build a world where being different is normal and where theatre takes audiences on a journey of stepping into shoes less traveled.

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