Catalin Domniteanu

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Stained glass artwork by Catalin Domniteanu
Laplace’s Demon

Catalin Domniteanu


Phone: 403.800.4790

Catalin Domniteanu

Artistic Statement

Heavy and fragile, my glass and metal sculptures derive from the traditional stained-glass, from which they borrowed the energy of transparency, glare and color, while giving ways to spatial expansion. The glass only appears to maintain its form, for us it is a fluid that forgot to flow.

I chose the topics that ignite me, be that urbanism, emigration or mythology, and I adopt the style which better serves the story. Confronted with controversies, I’ve learned to suspend the zealous jump to conclusions and to first gesture curiosity towards the conflicting arguments (a profitable lesson from science). Taking the time to reflect on incompatible thoughts only enriches us, so in my works I aspire too to retain the viewer’s attention for a prolonged period of time. No rushing necessary; slow viewing prescribed. The iris has to adapt to dim light and to contrasts, the retina has to receive a coherent flux of photons, and the mind has to process the signals. The story reveals itself slowly in the details and in the relations between the parts. Science, after all, is not prosaic at all to me.

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