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Chester Lees

Website: chesterlees.ca

Phone: 403.933.2549

Chester Lees

My work seeks to connect the observer’s spirit with the beauty of creation; to connect souls lost in an era of secular spirituality. My paintings show my deep emotional involvement with the starkness of the human condition and the connecting ephemeral mystique of nature. This emphasis radiates from my Welsh Celtic core. Painting from within, it is for me a prayer and an offering to creation. By means of my work, I hope to inspire the onlooker to break through to the world of sub-conscious spirit within and the endless awakening without.

This is achieved by a dramatic contrast of texture and light to create a deepening mood of possibilities. My early training in graphics and Chinese painting, which gave me an appreciation of realism, form, and space, combined with a subsequent freedom that came from moving to the openness of the Canadian Prairies, gives my work a depth and nuance that offers the observer a multi-faceted experience.

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