Abstract artwork


Phone: 587.888.5456


I’m CONTEMPORARY VICE, a non-binary emerging artist based out of Calgary, Canada. I create in a visual language that speaks to children and adults alike, through heart-centred energy and vibrant intention: I aim to have a positive impact and ignite the wonder that lives within us all.

A focal point in my artistic journey is the idea that I can make the world a better place. I’m ecstatic to nurture the sparkle of imagination through public art; murals, live painting, exhibitions, etc. I’m so passionate about uplifting others and illuminating spaces with creativity.

I teach self-expression workshops with a focus on inspiring youth. We embody the infinite possibilities of imagination and nurture the feeling of pursuing your dreams. I hope that my zest for life will bring a sense of magic to Calgary, and I would love to share this energy in every way possible. Through this listing, I’m creating space for opportunities to share my overflowing love for art. So excited to connect!

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