A photo of some more of Cory Imbery's work

Cori Imbery

Website: coriicreative.ca

Cori Imbery

Drawing, painting, just plain creating is in my blood, I have never known life without it. I thrive on capturing the essence of a scene, of a person, or an animal. I put everything into my work; each one has a little piece of my heart.

Starting from a blank canvas I build and mold each section allowing it to develop organically. I immerse myself in my work, with a process that is a sort of dance using values to create a sculpture on paper or canvas; add, smudge, shade, blend, add, remove, erase, change – and then start again until I feel I can do no more.

My medium – Using graphite and pastel pencils, my realist work captures wildlife and many types of portraits.

I also enjoy playing with different mediums and creating colorful abstracts and impressionistic pieces.

My inspiration – everything is an inspiration!

I can’t go through a day without seeing something that could be a potential masterpiece.

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