An image of Heddal Stave Church fibre art by Donna Clement

Donna Clement


Donna Clement

Coming from a long line of creative women, I have always enjoyed making art in various mediums. After exploring paper and its various forms (bookmaking being my favourite), in 2004 I completed a four-year program that introduced to me to textiles, covering the “how to” of every embroidery technique while encouraging a contemporary approach combining multiple methods. Other techniques covered included surface design: dyeing, printing, and mark making among other techniques. The design component opened our eyes to the world around us and the possibilities of adapting ‘anything’ into a viable design; that has been one of the most satisfying parts of this experience.

In making my art, fabric is dyed, painted, torn and/or manipulated; plastic materials are stretched, skewered and melted; paper is ripped, crinkled and molded. Then, all materials are attached with a threaded needle either by hand or by machine. I like to use layers of unexpected materials to texture my work and encourage my viewer to look more closely. Each piece is completely hand made and of an original design.

I’ve found I have a passion for texture – I am always drawn to a touchable surface, one that involves the senses. I enjoy the play of light, the layers of colours, the juxtaposition of combining different tactile fibres, and strive to always present a visual feast for the viewer.

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