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Edward Campbell

Website: funkevoke.com

Edward Campbell

Born and raised in Panama City, Panama, Edward Campbell developed his interest in all the arts through his mother. Edward Aka Funk-E, known in the Canadian dance scene since 2014 upon his arrival, shares his Panamanian experience and knowledge of dance and hip hop culture with the Calgarian community as a dance instructor of breakin’, hip hop and house across Alberta.

Campbell has worked with Pound it Hip Hop Studios Red Deer, Joys Dance Studio at Olds, Snaps Dance Studios Cochrane, and has conducted workshops from Edmonton to Calgary for several projects with corporations, communities and entities. He has also judged several youth / adult competitions (battles) and dance performer for events, collectives and films.

Currently in 2024 he is working with Pulse Studios, Decidely Jazz Danceworks and The Centre for Newcomers on a new street dance recreational and performance immigrant youth and adults program called EVOKE where we aim to share and provide a sense of belonging and routine, creating a therapeutic space for newcomer youth with past trauma and a sense of loss from their home countries. The program has allowed youth to feel connected with each other, meet new peers with similar backgrounds, and provide opportunities to practice English despite their homeland language. The street dance classes are taught with a process that evokes growth, self-awareness, discipline, and culturally shared knowledge through movement by teaching social dances of hip hop and breakdancing for youth and adults in a fun, challenging, non-judgemental and progressive environment.

Edward Campbell Studio was founded in 2017. A brand identity and graphic design studio that strives to serve its clients by providing clarity in their voice. This guide provides them with quality brand strategy and visual design processes to satisfy their market requirements. He is also the creator of the fashion brand Adesse Threads to share his vision through fashion.

Edward Campbell aka Funk-E is a magic maker who sparks perception, positivity and progress.

More info: https://www.funkevoke.com/about
Brand Identity Design Studio: https://edwardcampbell.studio/

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