Eric Cheung

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Eric Cheung

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Eric Cheung

For me, dance provides a framework where I can learn more about myself. Both physically in movement where I discover new approaches in the way my body moves. Also, intelligently as I use dance as a vessel to further my understanding of a concept. As a street dance artist, expression through freestyle movement is of the utmost importance in street dance culture.

From presenting pieces of work to competing in battle competitions, freestyling is always at the core of creation. Within my process of freestyling the intentional act of taking risk functions as a catalyst for me to explore and let go of any preconceived notions about my own dance. This allows me to push my limits and explore the boundaries of my understanding of my movement. Consequently, my dance becomes more open to rapid change and development in my unique individual style. Conceptually, it also allows me to examine all possibilities in a concept without judgement.

Creating space where I can map all possible ideas on a concept, which helps organize my thoughts and clarify my intentions behind a piece. I discovered that this approach enables me to express who I am in the purest form for others to see, and further my growth in myself and ultimately as a dance artist.

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