Fuse33 Makerspace

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Fuse33 Makerspace

Right off 33rd Street and 17th Avenue SE resides Calgary’s largest makerspace! We came together with a common vision—to create opportunity, self sustainability and, perhaps most importantly, community.

By fusing talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, and offering a large variety of maker tools ranging from 3D printers to leather sewing machines, we aim to create a collaborative workspace that will foster growth and human connectivity.

Besides a vast array of educational classes, we offer tiers of monthly memberships that grant you access to our woodshop, tool library, computer lab loaded with software, metal shop, 3D printers, sewing shop and, yes, our LASERS (okay, not the “pew-pew” SciFi lasers, but the laser cutters are still pretty cool).

Our space is open to everyone—from people who have never stepped foot into a woodshop, to artists who want to rent dedicated space to work on their projects, to engineers who have decades of experience. Even if you just want to stop in for a coffee and get some work done, we’ve got that too.

In addition to these services, we’re also a small business incubator who aims to provide your business with the tools it needs to grow and become even more successful.

Whether you’re someone who needs help bringing an idea to fruition or a home business owner who needs space and guidance to expand beyond your garage, we’d love to welcome you to our community. We are FUSE33 MakerSpace!

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