Honey Jalali

Honey Jalali

Honey Jalali is an Iranian contemporary activist artist based in Calgary, Alberta, since December 2020. She works across various mediums including installation, digital and acrylic painting, poetry, collage, and photography. Her creative expression derives from her thoughts, fears and dreams.

She obtained a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication at the Art and Architecture Azad University of Tehran and has been teaching visual arts at the university level for 15 years. Ever since her relocation to Calgary was quickly followed by the pandemic, she has continued with her art practice, including participating in Arts Commons’ RBC Emerging Artist and ICAI mentorship program.

Honey believes in art therapy that serves as a tool for healing. She explores memories, good and bad, through creative multimedia artworks. She wants to show stories about individuals, humanity, suffering, love, and real life all over the world.

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