A photo of Incipio Modo and one of their sculptures

Incipio Modo

Website: incipiomodo.com

Phone: 587.351.4747

Incipio Modo

Incipio Modo is an artist collective composed of sculptors Danira Miralda and Edward Beltran.

Danira Miralda studied stone and wood carving in the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City and spent four years as an apprentice in the studio of sculptor, Enrique Miralda. Edward Beltran studied wax sculpture in the Ex-Convento de San Agustin, in Salamanca, Guanajuato, and spent two years in a residency-scholarship in the studio of sculptor Javier Marin, in Mexico City.

The collective was born in the streets of Mexico City, in the heart of the Roma district, in 2007, when we adapted a vintage Japanese trolley as our sculpture studio with interior and exterior working areas.

The trolley served to unveil and expose the production of sculpture to the community with the aim of edifying, delighting and creating cultural awareness among the citizens of such a huge and chaotic city. The time spent in the trolley was a formative period that strengthened our desire to work in the public realm and engage communities in the process.

We are fascinated by cultural diversity and the way it impacts the streetscape. We feel strongly that public art is fundamental to the development of a rich public environment. We have done several public art commissions for The City of Calgary and Mexico City.

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