"Full Bloom" by Keely Bays-Egri, 2023

Keely Bays-Egri


Phone: 403.400.1262

Keely Bays-Egri

I’m an emerging artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I create luminous and vibrant abstract art, drawing inspiration from the natural world and inner landscapes.

With 20 years experience exploring the subtle realms of human experience through meditation, spiritual practice, energetic and personal healing, I create art to evoke a sense of peace and connection, guiding the viewer into a contemplative journey where colours blend harmoniously to reveal deeper layers of meaning.

My work aims to transcend the mundane, offering glimpses of serenity and spiritual resonance. By embracing the fluidity of colour and the rhythm of strokes, I invite viewers to pause, reflect and connect with the essence of existence.

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