A photo of Laura Anzola

Laura Anzola

Website: lauraanzola.com

Phone: 403.402.5288

Laura Anzola

I have always been fascinated with images: how they work, how they are captured and composed, and how people react to them. This fascination led me to work with visual arts.

I am an artist based in Calgary working with animation, digital arts and design. I conduct my work with attention to detail and focus on the process of image-making and visual composition. I explore many different animation and projection techniques, ranging from traditional animation styles to live interactive video. Throughout my practice, I had maintained an interest in how technology and arts can work together. This curiosity and enthusiasm have led me to do many projects, that explore the influence of technology and media on our daily lives, our bodies and recently I am questioning their impact on physical and geographical borders.

I aspire to create unique audience experiences that inflect and alter how we perceive the world while bringing to light contemporary issues that affect others and myself around the globe.

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