Image of black and white artwork of a woman with a sunflower in her hair

Lida Sogharti


Lida Sogharti

With over 16 years of successful drawing, painting, and illustrating experience, Lida Sogharti is a seasoned professional artist. Lida immigrated to Canada in 2015 and since then she has focused on both professional drawing and training of hyper-realistic drawings using charcoal and pencil.

With a master’s degree in art, Lida has profound knowledge in the visual art, colour psychology and visual art fundamentals which have enabled her to produce unique and fantastic artworks. Indeed, this unity and marvellous beauty come from the combination of the theoretical art knowledge and practical art skills as well as the merging of eastern traditional art with the modern one.

Lida believes her art could be contributed to discovering creativity and boosting the energy level of the society and bring a lot of fun as well.

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