Mahwish Ahmed

My work explores my own existence/identity while understanding my own chronic illness through paths that unveil and resonate a spiritual pilgrimage. I aim to create a portal for viewers to explore a spiritual journey while creating a path to manifest their own. I examine spirituality through different mediums; photography, printmaking, sculpture, and video. Collectively, they explore and express the embodied experience of my spiritual and secular journeys that creates a hub around me.

Through art I can express myself and convey my message without implementing my thoughts on others, leaving room for an open-ended exhibition which can encourage room for people to create their own paths and experiences while sharing mine. My creative practice attempts to represent experiences, meaning and essence. My work is process based, all works show the advancement of exploring new modes of artistic practices that then become a part of my inventive journey.

All my art displays the acknowledgement of my artistic identity, my adaption, patience and acceptance for altered encounters. It draws on my personal history of migration, experience with different cultures and chronic illness.

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