Meenakshi Girdhar

Phone: 403.430.0067

Meenakshi Girdhar

I am a nature based artist who often engages deeply with the environment. I continuously seek new ways to create art that evokes a profound appreciation for nature. I am an Indian artist who has recently become a permanent resident of Calgary, Canada.

My art often explores themes related to nature, such as flyers, botanical illustrations, landscapes, and the local birds of Canada. I am dedicated to capturing the beauty found in everyday life and continually pushing the boundaries of art. When I reflect on my creative foundation, reverence for nature stands as one of my largest pillars. Spending copious time outdoors provides me with inspiration that enriches my art.

My artistic journey is a fusion of meticulous strokes and free flowing spontaneity, creating a tapestry that mirrors the serene yet vibrant spirit of the world around us.

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