Morpheus Theatre

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Morpheus Theatre

Our mission is to assist actors, directors, and crew for a lifetime in the theatre, by providing them with education and production experience.

Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams, and Morpheus Theatre focuses on fulfilling dreams. Whether it be the dreams of young thespians looking to start a career on stage or behind the scenes, or the audience wishing to step into a dream world for a few hours to be entertained. Morpheus tries to make these dreams come true.

While what we do is much more simple and everyday than making dreams come true, for the people that we deal with—it is an experience they will learn from and remember. For some this means taking the step from their school and into the larger community. For others it is a chance to learn about the behind the scenes workings of a theatre company.

Regardless of the reasons for coming to Morpheus Theatre we try to provide everyone with a chance to learn and be part of the experience.

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