Portail de l’Immigrant Association

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Portail de l’Immigrant Association

1601, 840 7th Ave. SW
Calgary, Alberta

Website: francofestcalgary.com

Phone: 403.668.0299

Portail de l’Immigrant Association

Mission: Portail de l’Immigrant Association (PIA) is a multicultural association that aims to offer a range of services and programs that respond to the needs of Calgary’s Francophone community in all its diversity, to promote and share Francophone cultural treasures with the general public in Alberta.

Vision: Contribute to the development and vitality of the Calgary Francophone community, in all its diversity.


  • Organize exchanges to promote intercultural rapprochement and increase the level of development of members of the Francophone community.
  • Offer cultural animation programs for all ages.
  • Provide Francophone women with a variety of services to raise their awareness of violence against women and help them develop socio-economic leadership.
  • Provide seniors with a variety of services, help them break their isolation and stay active.
  • Promote the cultural diversity of the Francophonie, contribute to the development and development of new immigrants who have settled in our community.
  • Promote and share the cultural riches of the Francophonie with the general public.
  • Organize sports, cultural events and fairs for all ages.
  • Develop educational and animation programs for young people.
  • Develop activities to increase the visibility of the Francophone community.


  • Volunteer:
    • The goal is to let them know that there are volunteer opportunities; it’s an opportunity they can show their future employer and give them the skills they need for the job.
  • Our extracurricular programs:
    • Help with homework, girls’ programs and school Terre des Jeunes, La Mosaique and Saint Rose de Lima.
  • Future events:
    • Family day
    • Sugar Festival
    • “Life Hacks YYC” Youth Conference
    • Gala: International Women’s Day
    • Summer camp
    • Franco Festival Calgary
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