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Preet Kalsi

Website: peerdijugni.com

Phone: 403.383.5378

Preet Kalsi

An Indian-origin immigrant in Calgary, Preet is fueled by a deep love for reviving the forgotten, her journey began with a simple desire to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. This passion led her to create a creative studio The Art Lab — Creative Station, a lively space bursting with endless creativity.

With the idea of revival at core, she expresses herself through art and interior spaces, from vibrant installations to skillful refurbishments and captivating interior styles. Found object art is her most loved for that she uses it often with an eye for refurbishing.

Guided by the principles of design thinking, over the years her creative journey gained momentum with her studies in language, mastery of visual merchandising, and project management expertise. Now, she eagerly awaits the chance to share her imaginative creations on a larger stage, hoping to inspire many with her unique vision and innovative approach.

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