A sepia toned photo from a coal mine by Royce Howland

Royce Howland

Website: roycehowland.com

Phone: 403.607.9324

Royce Howland

I am a juried member of the Alberta Society of Artists, working in the medium of photography. My photographic artwork currently focuses on cultural landscapes, particularly of the Canadian and American West. I explore harmonies and conflicts at the intersection between our human civilization and the land. My photographs present visual stories and intriguing details of the places I encounter. Through them, I reflect facets of how we have inhabited the land in the past, the nature of our culture’s approach to the land now, and the shared future we hope to build on and with the land.

I am a digital print-maker, producing prints of my own work for exhibition in solo and group shows. I also produce fine art print work for other photographers and artists; these prints have been exhibited in top commercial and public galleries. I write, speak and conduct workshops on photography and digital print-making.

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