Three Left Feet Movement Creations

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Allara Gooliaff performing on stilts
Allara Gooliaff High Lift | Photo: Trudie Lee

Three Left Feet Movement Creations

2, 1709 8th Ave. NE
Calgary, Alberta


Phone: 403.256.6006

Three Left Feet Movement Creations

Let’s move. Together.

Three Left Feet is based on the Canadian Prairies. Our movement story is shaped by geography and our grassroots connection to the people who live here. Our professional artists have a specialty in performance, education, and creation for young audiences.

Three Left Feet believes in working with professional artists who have a unique combination of passion, creativity, spark, and dedication. A solid foundation of technical training in various dance styles ensures that our dancers can call upon a wide range of skills to inspire school communities, youth-at-risk, and young learners of all abilities.

Motivated by rhythms from all over the world, we encourage others to move with us and be moved by us. Constant evolution of our performing practices and teaching styles ensures that we have solid growth in audience engagement, development, and participation.

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