Tim Westbury sculpture
The Age of the World Picture, 1992

Tim Westbury

Website: zerog.ca

Phone: 403.681.5320

Tim Westbury

Having worked as an artist for almost four decades, I don’t differentiate between my practice and my life. I am a voracious non-fiction reader and a lifelong collector of several specific types of objects, images and materials. In my studio, I gradually transform and combine these disparate elements into sculptural constructions or mixed-media drawings, through a process of accretion. With a theoretical grounding in cultural studies, my studio research is generally motivated by a critical examination of systematized forms of knowledge – written language, cartography and scientific materialism. I maintain my practice through work as a graphic designer and arts administrator (previously at The New Gallery, Calgary and Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity). I also play the drums.

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