Trickster Theatre

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Trickster Theatre

Trickster Theatre is a non-profit arts organization and registered charity that supports schools and communities in using theatre to explore the world around them.

In each Trickster Artist-in-Residency, we embed at a team of artists in a school for one week to co-create an original theatrical production featuring up to 600 actors. Trickster provides all of the curtains, lights, sound, costumes, and props as the school gymnasium is transformed into magical ‘black-box’ theatre with ALL of the students performing in the final show.

In 40 years, this program has reached more than 200 rural, urban, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI), and faith-­based communities throughout the province, produced over 1,000 artist-in-­residencies, and has seen more than 350,000 Albertans performing in their own original shows—almost 10% of the provincial population!

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