A performer in Unganisha


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Unganisha: Explore. Connect. Dance. is an annual African dance production that interconnects with the Unganisha Diaspora and Community Engagement (UDCE) Project.

UDCE is a full-year multi-faceted action plan that intersects with Unganisha the dance theatre extravaganza that brings together nine popular dance genres with roots on the diverse continent of Africa. Unganisha, a Swahili word meaning connect, explores African diaspora throughout Western colonial expansion and its influence on several modes of popular modern dance.

Through movement and storytelling an all-Calgary team of dancers, actors, and choreographers journey through Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, capoeira, hip hop, jazz, samba, salsa, step, and tap dance to celebrate their genesis, their contemporary popularity, and their ability to connect us across cultures and continents.

The production celebrates the history and influence of diverse African cultures on modern dance. It is presented in Calgary as part of Alberta Black History Month (February).

The UDCE Project covers a one-year span, during which time members from Calgary’s 40+ Caribbean and African community associations participate in opportunities for cross-cultural conversation, learning and sharing and enable further development of a cohesive community and network leading to greater intercultural understanding, and inclusion.

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