A photo of community art at the Calgary Central Library

Wendy Lees

Phone: 403.880.3001

Wendy Lees

I have been offering community art programming for over 10 years. Activities have included mosaics, mono-printing, collage, collaborative murals, and more, and have taken place in the East Village with low-income seniors and people in transitional housing, at the Calgary Public Library with the general public, and in my home community of Lakeview. I have an interest in utilizing re-purposed or re-cycled materials whenever possible.

I have a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Calgary (1986) and a Diploma of Interior Design from Mount Royal College (1983) and have taken many art and creative classes. I enjoy inclusive, all-ages art programming and believes art and creative expression should be accessible to all. I also run Love Art in Calgary, offering small group tours to Calgary’s interesting art spaces including studios and lesser-known creative hubs.

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