Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre

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A dancer with Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre

Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre

Website: woezoafrica.com

Phone: 403.390.8904

Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre

Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre is a performing arts organization based in Calgary, Alberta. Woezo Africa means welcome to the land of perfection. The performing arts company pleasures in bringing the uniqueness of the African cultures to a wide audience through dance, music, theatre, and storytelling.

Founded in 2006, Woezo Africa focuses primarily on educational initiatives to convey the intricacies of African art forms, providing a creative platform for people from all walks of life to engage in dance, fitness, and education. Our company members draw from a rich background of dance styles from Africa to entertain, inspire, and build confidence.

Woezo Africa was founded to re-ignite an appreciation and love for the cultural values of African music, dance, and performing arts. We want to enrich the global dance community through the infusion and celebration of African dance into our world-class performances. We want to share our knowledge of the history of African dance with several communities across Canada.

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