Yvonne Mullock artwork

Yvonne Mullock

Website: yvonnemullock.com

Yvonne Mullock

I am an artist who graduated from Glasgow School of Art and relocated to Calgary seven years ago. My studio practice is multi-disciplinary and spans diverse interests in nature and craft. Incorporating drawing, sculpture, ceramics, video and textiles – my work explores ideas of authorship, craft and labour inherent in the act of making for both gallery and site-specific installations.

Projects since moving to Alberta, Canada in 2011 have engaged groups and individuals such as; rug hookers, craft guilds, fabric rummage sales, traditional Stetson Hatmakers and a community of quilters living on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Each of these works is a response to the unique environmental, contextual and social dynamism found in each project; the outcome of these experiences reflect upon the cultural customs and craft traditions through exhibitions, performances, films, and community projects for arts festivals, galleries, and site-specific installations.

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