Zoong artwork collage


Website: zoong.ca

Phone: 403.689.7692


I make art to tell my story. The practical acrylic paints help me record each emotion I have or a mix of emotions I feel at a moment in time and at a particular space. Its quick-drying property allows me to move and mix impatiently without a wait. I paint many subjects: still life, animals, florals, landscapes, figures in mostly impressionist style. Beauty is everywhere I look, it’s appealing to me, calling my name to capture the image on the canvas.

The process of interpreting the image I see onto canvas is a joy for me yet equally a challenge. I want to translate with my own language in the mood of the moment which can be very different from what is in front of the eyes.

It’s an accumulation of experiments and knowledge from my computer graphics background that I use to find ways to better express my art.

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