City Council to learn about ‘A Movement that is Transforming a City’ on June 5

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City Council to learn about ‘A Movement that is Transforming a City’ on June 5

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May 30, 2013

Thousands of voices have contributed to a vision for the arts in Calgary

(Calgary AB) – On June 5, Calgary Arts Development will present “Living a Creative Life: A Movement that is Transforming a City,” an update on the progress of developing an integrated arts development strategy for Calgary, to City Council through the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services.

This strategy has emerged from extensive consultation work through a year-long planning process, and aims to bring together and channel the investments and efforts of government, the private sector, artists, arts organizations and champions from all walks of life. A wide spectrum of stakeholders from education, post-secondaries, government, civic partners and other umbrella agencies have already committed to finding ways to align resources and working together on the goals articulated in the strategy.

The public presentation will give an overview of the main focus areas of the strategy and its next steps. Citizens can attend to show their support and have the opportunity to speak for up to five minutes about their vision for the arts in Calgary.

The strategy’s five focus areas are:

1. Youth & Education: Let’s ensure that every Calgarian under 18 has the best possible opportunity for arts participation and education.
2. Creative Communities: Let’s ensure that cultural participation is a fact of daily life in Calgary.
3. Calgary as an Artist Incubator: Let’s maximize the attractiveness of Calgary as a home for emerging talent.
4. From Excellence to Export: Let’s ensure that the impact of the work of Calgary’s professional artists and arts organizations extends regionally, nationally and internationally.
5. Downtown Arts District: Let’s create a new postcard of Calgary!

Future phases of work are designed to maximize collective impact by ensuring wide adoption of the goals and aspirations of the strategy. Calgary Arts Development will continue to facilitate the process with the community to establish detailed goals, refined agendas and investment plans. The next stage will be completed by the end of the year.

“It has been invigorating to work with so many engaged Calgarians and leaders of community institutions to craft a vision for the arts in Calgary,” says Terry Rock, President & CEO of Calgary Arts Development. “Their expertise and diverse perspectives have come together to articulate the major goals of the Arts Plan and we are pleased to share these with City Council. With ongoing collective energy, we can make these goals a reality.”

Presentation of #yycArtsPlan progress update to City Council

June 5, 2013, 9:30am – 11:30am
Engineering Traditions Committee Room, City Hall (800 Macleod Trail SE)

About Calgary’s Arts Plan (#yycArtsPlan)
Calgary’s Arts Plan is the long-term strategy for arts development and investment in Calgary and a legacy of Calgary’s year as a Cultural Capital of Canada. The arts inspire our children’s futures, connect our communities, drive our city’s economic growth and energize our lives. Our goal is to work with citizens, artists, arts organizations and other partners to craft a bold and integrated plan that sets clear, long-term targets for the resources and collaborative work necessary to support a thriving arts sector in Calgary. The project is supported in part by Calgary 2012. Visit and search Twitter hashtag #yycArtsPlan for the latest updates.

About Calgary Arts Development
Calgary Arts Development plays a leadership role to promote, foster and direct investments that develop the capacity of Calgary’s arts sector to achieve public and artistic impact. As the city’s designated arts development authority, we are a central hub that learns about, promotes, connects, advocates for, and leads strategic initiatives in the arts to animate Calgary as a vibrant cultural centre. Calgary Arts Development allocates municipal funding for the arts provided by The City of Calgary through granting programs that support operations and innovation for more than 190 arts organizations in Calgary.


Further Information
Cadence Mandybura
Community Manager, Calgary Arts Development
Phone: 403.264.5330 x 201

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