Accountability & Impact Report 2019

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Accountability & Impact Report 2019

As the city’s designated arts development authority, Calgary Arts Development supports and strengthens the arts to benefit all Calgarians. We invest and allocate municipal funding for the arts provided by The City of Calgary and leverage these funds to provide additional resources to the arts sector.

In 2018, we presented a case to City Council for a transformational increase in arts funding to:

  • Increase vibrancy throughout our city.
  • Increase the economic impact of the arts and contribute to Calgary’s economic diversity.
  • Ensure access to more arts experiences for Calgarians.
  • Better reflect Calgary’s diversity advantage through the arts.

In November 2018, City Council approved a 93.75% increase to our grant, taking us from $6.4M in 2018 to $12.4M in 2019.

So, what has this meant?

In this report you will find information about all of our programs and activities in 2019, you will meet our staff, and see a
smattering of examples of the great work being done by our grant investees. We couldn’t possibly include information about all of the artists, collectives, organizations, projects, and events, but we included links to many of them and selected a few stories to share that give a small glimpse into Calgary’s diverse and vibrant arts sector.

Download the full 2019 Accountability & Impact Report:

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A mural by Al Runt | Photo: Matt Greer, courtesy of the Beltline Urban Murals Project

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Calgary Arts Development is The City of Calgary’s arm’s-length arts development authority.

Download the Report as a PDF

Calgary Arts Development Financial Statements for 2019

Annual General Meeting Presenation

A short video was included as part of the presentation we made to our shareholder—The City of Calgary—at our annual general meeting on June 23, 2020. The purpose of the video was to share a few stories from the arts sector that help paint a picture of some of the great work that was undertaken thanks to the increased investment from The City.