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Arts and Culture Spaces

Each year Calgary Arts Development Operating Grant recipients provide information about the hundreds of spaces used to present cultural programming in Calgary. These spaces range from indoor purpose-built spaces like art galleries and theatres, to community spaces such as libraries and schools, as well as outdoor spaces like parks. In 2023, Calgary Arts Development undertook a mapping exercise to visualize where spaces being used for programming are found across Calgary and beyond.

The following map highlights where cultural activity provided by operating grant clients takes place, as well as how it relates to key resources like transportation, and how land use is defined across Calgary.

Map Details

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Legend: Each colour represents a different discipline.

Layers: Turn on and off layers to see more and less information. Use the down arrow beside layer names to see all layer options.

Current layers available include:  

Calgary Transit: LRT, BRT and MAX routes

Event Map: This layer includes the arts and culture events produced by Calgary Arts Development Operating Grant recipients

Ward Boundaries: The ward boundaries for The City of Calgary

Community Zones: Types of land use in the City of Calgary

Note: Using this layer it’s easy to see that the largest areas where cultural programming appears to be lacking are actually zoned industrial areas.

Basemap Gallery: Design your own cultural spaces map by changing the underlying map. Remove streets and just see topography, remove underlying information entirely, and more.

Zoom: Zoom in and out to see all the locations Calgary-based arts organizations are sharing their work across the globe!

Filter: Filter by discipline or date to more easily see where specific types of arts activity is taking place.

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Beyond These Spaces

The spaces above are only those being used by Operating Grant clients. Many more spaces, both purpose built and those adapted for arts and culture use, are not included here.

In the past, Calgary Arts Development used data from Spacefinder Alberta to identify as many spaces available for arts and culture use as possible. On October 1, 2020, Spacefinder ceased being supported by service provider Fractured Atlas. As a result, Spacefinder Alberta was no longer able to collect data regarding creative spaces in Calgary and across the province. We are working on new ways of sharing data on cultural spaces and look forward to publishing additional space maps soon.

Spaces Resources

For resources on finding, renting, funding and creating arts spaces, visit

Building on our Momentum: Arts and Culture Infrastructure

Building on our Momentum: Arts and Culture Infrastructure is a report that supports the needs and preferences of Calgarians to access suitable arts and culture infrastructure over the next 10 years.

In 2007, Calgary Arts Development (CADA) and the Cultural Spaces Steering Committee authored Reclaiming Calgary’s Cultural Identity: Arts Spaces Strategy and Capital Plan, and the supporting Current State of Cultural Spaces for the Arts in Calgary. These reports have played a critical role in guiding the investment and growth of Calgary’s arts and cultural infrastructure.

In 2016, The City of Calgary provided Calgary Arts Development with funding to update the 2007 spaces report. Building on our Momentum: Arts and Culture Infrastructure strategy provides an analysis of growth over the previous 10 years, current cultural infrastructure needs and preferences, and identifies gaps in the cultural infrastructure ecosystem. Key findings and recommendations contained within this report are intended to ensure Calgary’s Arts and Culture Infrastructure is aligned with the needs of our city and its citizens.

The full report can be viewed by visiting Building on our Momentum: Arts and Culture Infrastructure.