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Pam Tzeng | Photo credit: Mike Tan

Pam Tzeng

Artist rekindles her love of dance in SHED | knowing each other as different and the same

Cherie McMaster

Pam Tzeng is a dancer, a choreographer, a multidisciplinary artist, and maker, as well as a community organizer with work focusing on transformational change, equity, diversity, and accessibility in the arts sector. Tzeng feels that so much of her practice and how she navigates the world is rooted in her experience as a second generation Taiwanese woman.

“The kind of lineage and heritage that transmits through my blood and the way I kind of see the world really informs how I approach creation.”

Through dance, Tzeng found a way to express herself when she felt she didn’t have words. Her new project, SHED | knowing each other as different and the same, explores a revived relationship with dance, which she approaches through an anti-racist practice called somatic abolition. 

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear more of Tzeng’s story, and how her most recent project has helped rekindle her love for dance in a healthy and hopeful way.

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