Greg Burbidge in a public art hammock
Greg Burbidge | Photo: Courtesy of Greg Burbidge

Greg Burbidge

Research & Policy Manager

Gregory Burbidge (he/him/his) is the research and policy manager at Calgary Arts Development. In this role he is responsible for the management of research and policy projects that support the indicators and outcomes related to Calgary Art Development’s strategic plan. This work also includes supporting the development of data and evaluative tools for use by the arts community.

People in the office are happiest when Gregory brings his dogs Scout and Zadie with him to work, but not when he also tries to bring his fish Florence and Alex.

Prior to joining Calgary Arts Development, Gregory served as a principal program specialist at the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), building a program around the ARC board’s vision for a regional focus on arts and culture planning. This work included managing the Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta program, the Atlanta Regional Public Art Program, the Atlanta Tessitura Consortium, and managing the Metro Atlanta Cultural Forums.

Born in the wilds of Northern Canada, Gregory spent his early professional life as a gold miner. In his spare time, he enjoys playing board games, spending time with his wife, Christina, and creating art with textiles, an artistic practice that intertwines his interests in mathematics, sheepherding, and wearable art.

You can read Greg’s fieldnotes here including his thoughts on dogs and pandemics.