Original Peoples Investment Program

Original Peoples Investment Program

Calgary Arts Development intends for its granting processes to be open, fair and transparent. Calgary Arts Development has a responsibility to the citizens of Calgary to ensure the security and value of their investments.

Deadline Extension Policy

For clients who intend to submit applications but will miss the deadline, a written request for extension must be received by Calgary Arts Development before the deadline.

Requests not received in time will result in ineligibility for that granting period. The request must state the reason(s) the application deadline cannot be met. Acceptable reasons may include:

  • Personal health or family crisis
  • Birth or death of a family member
  • Unforeseen personal priority

Calgary Arts Development staff will review the request for extension. If in Calgary Arts Development’s sole discretion, the reason for the extension is compelling, a deadline extension will be granted. A written notice explaining Calgary Arts Development’s decision will be sent to the applicant. Extensions will only be granted if doing so will not materially affect the planned assessment process.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Calgary Arts Development, in its sole discretion, may grant an extension in extenuating circumstances.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Participants in the Community Circle will follow Calgary Arts Development’s Policy on Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct (excerpt from Calgary Arts Development’s Governance Manual below). All participants are required to sign a statement agreeing to fully disclose any actual or perceived conflict with any applicant whose submission they have been appointed to review. Participants with an actual or perceived conflict with an applicant will be removed from the assessment process for said applicant.

A participant may declare a conflict of interest if they may materially benefit from an application, either because they are a participant in that project or may receive an artist fee through the project, or if they are related to or married to a participant in an application.

“Upon consideration of any proposed activity with the potential to benefit an organization or initiative with which the director or volunteer committee member shall participate in the decision-making process where there is a potential or actual conflict of interest. The individual so affiliated shall leave the room during discussion and shall not vote or use personal influence in the decision-making process.”

Download the Full Program Guidelines as a PDF

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