Utility Box Public Art Program

A utility box wrapped with artwork of anthropomorphic animals walking through the space.
Lens of Diversity, a utility box artwork by Kaylin Obst, Sylvia Arthur and Eveline Kolijn.

Utility Box Public Art Program

Deadline May 31, 2024

Applications for the Utility Box Public Art program are accepted year-round and will be evaluated during several intake phases throughout the year. This opportunity is open to community members and organizations.

To be considered for the next intake, please apply by May 31, 2024. 

The Utility Box Public Art program works with communities to create temporary artworks on local utility boxes. Selected community organizations will receive funding to partner with artists to create the artworks. The organizations can work with an artist of their choice or Calgary Arts Development can help them find an artist.

Since 2010, more than 200 utility box public artworks have been created by local artists, students and community partners throughout Calgary.  

Temporary works of art can add interest and creativity to our street corners. They create a sense of place and identity for communities and help prevent graffiti. 

Each year, 20 to 40 utility boxes are selected, based on criteria including location, project goals and viability. Calgary Arts Development provides support and guidance in the process, but applicants should be prepared to oversee design and installation. 

Each selected community will receive: 

  • $1,750 per utility box for artist fee 
  • $400 per utility box for the community group to manage the project 
  • Up to $800 additional stipend for art production supplies, including paint and/or vinyl wrap (advanced approval required) 
  • $400 additional stipend for artists to complete a community engagement process 

Are you a community member or organization that would like to add artwork to a utility box in your area? 

Please fill out this form and a member of the public art team will contact you. 

I am interested in a utility box primarily as:

Utility Box Form – Community Organization
Does your organization have a designated team member to manage this project?
If you don’t already have a utility box in mind, let us know and we can suggest one.
How would you like the community to be involved in the design of the artwork?
Does your organization carry liability insurance to support this project?


Utility Box Form – Community Member
If you don’t already have a utility box in mind, let us know and we can suggest one.
Would you be managing this project?
How do you imagine the community would be involved in the design of the artwork?

This opportunity is currently only open to community members and organizations. 

Artists interested in the utility box program are encouraged to partner with a community organization before applying, or sign up for our Artist Directory, where organizations often look for local artists to partner with. These free listings are intended for artists and organizations who base their practice inside of Calgary/Mohkinsstsis, in addition to Indigenous artists and organizations in the Treaty 7 region. 

If you have any questions or need help completing an application, please contact the Public Art Team at utilityboxes@calgaryartsdevelopment.com

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