Community-Run Public Art Microgrant 2021

The Project

Recognizing that public art opportunities can come from grassroots ideas that are initiated and led by communities, Calgary Arts Development invited proposals for community-initiated public art projects in 2021.

Community groups could apply for up to $10,000 from a total funding pool of $100,000, to hire local artists for eligible projects. Funding for this one-time program was provided through the Government of Alberta and The City of Calgary. We thank these funders for their generous support.

This program aimed to support local artists impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, by providing an opportunity for community-initiated public art to inspire Calgarians.

Projects were required to address one of the following five themes:

Foster truth & reconciliation
Learning about the truth of Canadian colonization and its ongoing impact on First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. Explore and create paths towards reconciliation and right relations with Indigenous peoples and the land.

Focus on justice, inclusion and human dignity
Focus on ways to build connections around local and global concerns. Introduce art that reflects the diversity of the cultures, languages, and people in our communities.

Uncover little-known stories about the city or overlooked histories
Team up with artists, Indigenous Elders or historians to create a project that connects people to places and spaces in different ways. Celebrate overlooked people and events and the diversity or diverse learnings of your community. Restore or uncover names of places.

Explore stories of your community
Create and share stories of how local businesses or community organizations tell the story of where you live and what makes your community unique.

Bring beauty, joy, whimsy and hope
Introduce whimsy, surprise and joy to your community.

Applications were reviewed by a selection committee of artists and community members, and the following 11 projects were selected:

Spring (Qing Ming) Festival 2022
Renfrew Community Association South Patio Wall Mural
Dim Sum Sends
Hidden Valley: Inspire our Future
Mount Pleasant Community Engagement Mural
North Haven – South Nose Hill Entrance Mural
Save Afghan Art Musical Night
Beyond Resiliency
Nose Hill Entrance Mural
Moving Pictures
Banff Trail Blackfoot Art Installation